Whether you’ve established your in-house contingent workforce management program, or you’re on the verge of getting there, in today’s market with the consistent rise of non-employee workers across most industries, it makes sense to take a total talent approach. That is, factoring in all the workers in your organisation, where their skills and capabilities are the focus, not their employment status.  

It’s a smart move. 

In this scenario, like any talent management strategy, there will be an ongoing requirement for you to fine-tune, pivot, evolve and adjust your program according to market shifts, changes in your organisation and the ebb and flow of talent in and out of your talent pool. 

What MUST remain a constant though, is your strategic focus. Yes, operational issues are important: like supply chain margins, and your supplier management game plan. But always come back to the fact that at the core of your strategy is people. And we are increasingly living in a talent-driven economy: with the omnipresence of gig, contingent and on-demand labour, more than ever, the future of work is all about people. 

These were the themes of Dan Khublall’s keynote at the #EWS. And the major stroke of genius from Dan? A talent-focused total workforce management program will become a true differentiator to propel your business way beyond your competitors. 

And if you’re talent focused you’re going to push for quality. As the late Steve Jobs of Apple said, 
“Go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”1

Take a look below, at more great insights from Dan… 


 Paul Chiswick, CXC 

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A common theme at the #EWS was the notion that ‘candidates are consumers’ and the shift in the global talent marketplace means candidates wield more power.
This consumerisation of the talent environment, in a mature market like the US, serves as an indicator and sometimes-template, for us here in Australia. But certainly not as a blueprint. Because as an evolving market in the arenas of MSP, contingent workforce and total talent management, we have unique social indicators to factor in. As well as economic, risk appetite and regulatory considerations. 

Importantly, rather than looking to mature markets for guidance on your contingent talent program, work to what is right for your organisation. That’s the key to success.

Operational considerations are key according to Dan. However, they can’t be the sole focus. Like the many other speakers at the #EWS, operational considerations must always be combined with a ‘talent first’ approach - where contingent talent are at the core of the program’s consideration.

The fundamentals of a mature-market MSP need to remain in focus: that being a powerful, efficient and valuable resource to fill roles quickly, with high quality talent, delivering better insights on the organisation’s labour spend, and robust compliance with regulatory requirements.


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