One of our local high-profile keynoteat the recent #EWS was Ben Ryrie of Deloitte 


Known for their ground-breaking approach to talent engagement and management, Deloitte is the industry leader of all things digital transformation.  No surprise then that Ben, Deloitte’s Talent Innovation Lead, captivated #EWS delegates with an incredible array of knowledge and insights on the future of work. 


The prominent message from Ben was to encourage organisations to undertake the strategic management, sourcing and future planning of the workforce, in-house, whilst partnering with industry experts on non-core functions. It’s key to how Deloitte achieved their ‘Talent on Tap’ service solution (more on that below). 

By engaging strategic partners, like technology partner Avature, and contingent workforce partner, CXC, Deloitte have access to a highly-skilled, proven talent pool who remain engaged and culturally aligned, within their workforce ecosystem. 


It’s my hope that you attain value for your business, from the summary of insights delivered by Ben, which I’m proud to provide for you here. 

  Paul Chiswick, CXC

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Deloitte needed to develop a better solution for the management of workers. As the business grew rapidly, so too did the number, type and scope of talent engaged in the business. Deloitte were armed with data about worker attitudes, hence looked to cater to a shifting workforce mindset.


Deloitte moved to a ‘talent on tap’ service model. 
This consists of four key components:

In establishing the ‘Open Talent Network’ Deloitte spoke with contractors about what they wanted. Put simply, they want everything perm staff have access to, but on their terms. In more detail, Deloitte discovered that contractors were after…

  • Personal Growth & Development: alternative career path & growth opportunities
  • Stimulating Work: exposure to challenges and top tier clients
  • Choice & Control: the power to make decisions and to choose meaningful work
  • Personal Brand: recognition and respect for the experience they’ve acquired
To execute this plan Deloitte appointed a technology partner (Avature) and services partner (CXC). 

The outcome has been an incredibly efficient and valuable contingent talent solution. One that sets Deloitte apart through multiple automation advantages. There are three components of the talent access approach:

The success of the Deloitte program - what they call a ‘technology led automated hiring program’ has been phenomenal:


Doug Leeby, Beeline Innovation & Optimisation of Tomorrow's Workforce

Chris Milligan, Adepto
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