The phrase ‘access to talent’ conjures up a whole manner of nightmares for many of you, I’m sure. ‘We just can’t find the right people’ has been a catch-cry for business leaders across most industries, at some point in their professional lives.  

The problem we’ve discovered often stems from approaching the concept of ‘access to talent’ to the act of ‘filling open roles’, alone.  

Instead, as our panel of experts from the #EWS showed us, a shift in the approach to accessing talent from inside the business (not just from an external sourcing standpoint), is really something to think about. Total Talent Management – where the full scope of worker types are managed with a single collective strategy – opens up copious opportunities for the way talent is both managed AND accessed: knowing that one, without question, will affect the other. 

This, coupled with an embrace of technology, and you’re starting to win at the future of work game. Think online talent marketplaces. AI. Big data. And more. 

These are changing times across the full spectrum of employment: from how we work, to where we work, to how we find and manage people.  

Exciting? You bet. Confusing? Absolutely. 

I hope you enjoy this next instalment of insights from the #EWS. Read on for more…. 

 Paul Chiswick, CXC

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Panel members...

Julie Maule - GM Talent Acquisition & Workforce Evolution, nbn

Carrie Harding - Contingent Workforce Engagement Lead, Medibank

Michael Sacco - Client Director, Korn Ferry

Nick Jones - Recruitment Manager, Viva Energy

Dan Khublall - Contingent workforce industry advisor

Darren Morris - Director of Client Services, CXC


Taking a strategic approach to managing ALL workers in your business enables you to focus on the value EVERY worker brings. By removing the barriers that still exist between different worker types, organisations have the ability to access workers on-demand, or on an ongoing basis, suited to the current and future state of the business.

Talent engagement is a core area of development for any modern business because talent is a primary competitive differentiator. Today’s talent engagement strategies must account for developments in online platforms and disruptive technologies, changes in generational workforce culture and the general desire to become a more agile enterprise.

Organisations need to stop trying to divide permanent employees and everyone else, and start to work towards converging those populations, because ultimately, they’re just people the organisation needs.

And, organisations capability in the permanent recruitment space shouldn’t be limited to JUST perm workers. Talent - all categories of talent - are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and business needs to better explore ways to access ALL categories of workers and to apply their expertise in sourcing perms to sourcing contingent.

Consider this from Deloitte



The value of strong partnerships was covered in this panel session. Being respectful of the time and effort suppliers and partners offer to organisations, enabling them to achieve amazing talent and workplace outcomes, was heralded by the panel.

And the notion of organisations working with partners collaboratively  was deemed critical - and finding the right partners who will do that. In this scenario, it provides a pathway to better access to talent.


There were multiple robust discussions on technologies disrupting today’s workplace. From digitisation and artificial intelligence to augmented reality, robotics and job automation, a key theme emerged of organisations actively searching for the right technological path for their business now, and into the future. No easy task. Couple this with the desire of business to maintain the human touch with technology and the tech endeavour complexity compounds. 
Critically, from an access to talent standpoint, what’s key is the ability for technology to make it easier for talent to find the right organisations. And easier for organisations to find the right people. 

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