This next instalment of insights from the recent Emerging Workforce Summit, comes from keynote speaker Chris Milligan, the CEO and Founder of Adepto 


Chris was another of our expert drawcards at the inaugural #EWS, and his keynote focused on the importance of a total talent solution in today’s workplaces, where HR and Procurement are aligned for a more engaged, better optimised workforce - across ALL categories of workers.  


Chris also highlighted how important it is for organisations to have a lens on the skills available in the business. His key message: hone worker’s strengths, aspirations and career goals, and aligning them to business goals is a win-win for forward thinking employers and their workers. 


It was a pleasure to have Chris share his expertise on the future of work, and we hope you can gain value from his many actionable insights provided here. 


 Paul Chiswick, CXC 

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Adepto defines Total Talent as...

The Whole Talent Pool:

So by being more cognisant of the skills in the business, and the current and future state desires of talent, a greater level of job satisfaction will transpire, as the matching of one with the other will be far better aligned.

Look at how careers and jobs have changed over time: today, the average career is 60 to 70 years: way longer than in past generations. Yet the average tenure in a job is 4.5 years. Hence, a total talent solution - or as Doug Leeby called it, a ‘Talent First’ solution - is going optimise workforce engagement and productivity.

Interestingly, if you look at consumer behaviour today, it’s been fundamentally changed thanks to organisations like Amazon, eBay, Tinder, Etsy, Uber and Netflix - a significant change to how we live our lives. Yet how we search for and source talent, hasn’t. ‘Indeed’ is still the biggest job board on the internet. But the shift is happening…

Digital Marketplaces are transforming independent work by instantly connecting workers with customers who want their services.

McKinsey: Independent Work - Choice, Necessity and the Gig Economy (2016)

Business leaders want the right skills. Workers want flexibility. So it’s increasingly obvious that Procurement and HR need to reach a Total Talent alignment. Consider these facts:


Doug Leeby, Beeline
Innovation & Optimisation of Tomorrow's Workforce