The Gig Economy: connecting workers with organisational needs has never been easier – or more complex – in today’s era of the gig economy. Hiring talent on a tenure-limited basis is the new normal. This complicated paradigm of flexible, on-demand working creates a multi-tiered supply chain, which requires the organisation to make significant strategic changes to remain competitive.
The gig economy’s estimated global worth is $3 trillion, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. An intrinsic force in the fourth industrial revolution, the gig economy has completely shifted how organisations hire and engage workers, AND how workers participate in the labour force.
Our latest eBook delves into the hottest issues surrounding the gig economy, to help organisations participate in this economic and workforce shift, with leverage and precision.

The key issues we cover in this not-to-be-missed eBook include: 
  • A closer look at what IS the gig economy
  • How the gig economy is changing organisations
  • The gig economy’s impact on the talent supply chain
  • Access to talent in the era of the gig economy
  • The impact of technology
  • How to optimise gig economy labour
And much more…
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