The alternative workforce: it’s a phrase coined across multiple industries to classify the new era of workers: those that sit outside traditional employment relationships like ‘full time’ or ‘part time’. 


These ‘alternative’ workers we’re talking about are typically gig, contract, contingent, and freelance workers…. amongst others. 


It makes sense, right? ‘Alternative’ being a definition that sits outside the norm. That isn’t regular.  


Well, not any more. 


With almost 40% of the working population in the US working ‘alternative’, there’s nothing alternative about this way of working. Contracting is the new normal. Having an increasingly significant proportion of your workforce as ‘contingent’ is not ground-breakingly edgy – it’s now completely regular. 


We’ve prepared this eBook for your business to get a better handle on these ‘alternative’ workers. We’ve defined who these workers are, what they mean for your business, and how you can benefit from their inclusion in your workforce strategy. 


We’ve also included guiding principles for best practice management of these workers: so when you take on more alternative workers (which you inevitably will because the workers are calling the shots here)… you’ll be able to do so in a way that is cost-efficient, compliant and strategically compatible with your business goals. 


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From the team at CXC Australasia.