How are you using talent platforms to source the best contingent talent for your business? 

If there’s one thing that’s obvious amidst today’s myriad workforce changes, it’s the demand for skills. 

The once ubiquitous phrase ‘war for talent’ now means something quite different.  

For organisations, it means being able to secure the right skills over being able to secure the right FTE’s. It means being able to meet business objectives, quickly and cost efficiently. It means being flexible and adaptable.  

As more of today’s workforce – not just younger generations of workers – choose a flexible work-life over FTE, organisations have little option but to adapt; both to how they secure the skills they need, and in what context. 

And one of the biggest technological trends to support these workforce changes, is the ‘talent cloud’: online talent marketplaces used by organisations to find skills, and by experts looking for work. 

Our latest eBook summarises the industry leaders of today’s talent cloud. Categorised by skills, from admin to web development, creative to board advisory, these are the platforms hosting the skills your business needs. 


In the wake of the industry surge of interest in all things 'Future of Work'...CXC are proud to present this eBook providing valuable reference material into the growing landscape of online digital staffing platforms.